Unseelie Bogganism

I'm an unseelie boggern, I cannot be gottern!

Nixi Cat Chesnavich
25 January 1978
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Nixin is the Unseelie Boggan of Impure Love. An exceedingly rare specimen of the Wild Speckled Three-Toed Evil Pixie (and a Five-Toed variant, at that!), Nixicat is the only one of his kind in or out of captivity. A Wild Life Sanctuary is being planned to protect him in the event of wild living. Also, he is cute.

Recently, friends and admirers of Unseelie Bogganism have reported unusual behaviors and phenomena in the vicinity of the Nixicat. It is unknown what these miracles and wonders might portend. The forecast calls for increasing euphoria, partial sun, with showers of blessings in the afternoons. Today's anticipated high is life, setting a new record. Viewers are advised to stay attuned for clues, which some cats are known to sell. All sales are final, caveat emptor.